doTERRA Biz Overview: Why, What and How


What You'll Learn

  • Benefits of building a financial pipeline
  • Reasons to partner with doTERRA
  • Pipeline activities to start building a business
  • Income potential
  • Three Steps to launch your business

We're going to be going through this PDF, so download it before we get started:


Next Steps: 

1. If you don't have doTERRA essential oils, get your oils! (Scroll down for details!)

2. Let me know you want to learn more about how this might fit into your life (or contact the person who invited you!). Contact me here! 


How to get your oils

I'd recommend you start with Home Essentials Kit of the Natural Solutions Kit


Your Home Essentials Kit comes with: 

Meleleuca (Tea Trea oil)
Deep Blue

You'll also get: 
Ordering doTERRA oils is like becoming a Sam's Club member… you can get the oils at wholesale prices and a bunch of membership benefits:

  • You'll get 20% off retail prices
  • Access to the Loyalty Rewards Program, where you can get free oils (bonus gifts every month!)
  • You DON'T need to order every month… (but you can, if you wanna earn more free oils)
  • Membership into the Essential Enthusiasm group on FB (where I post live videos, recipes, DIYs, and answer your questions!)
  • 10 day e-course that will give you hundreds of ideas for using your oils, along with links to all my most-favorite resources (this starts 3-4 days after you order)
  • 30 minute phone call with me - I'll help you get the most out of the oils you bought and your account


You'll not only have access to membership prices all year but a support system and community of oil enthusiasts to help guide you on your journey to using oils!

How to order:

  1. Decide on which kit you want . You can see all the kits in this PDF (if you're in the US) or click on your country to see the kits available: Canada / Australia / New Zealand / Europe / Hong Kong / Japan
  2. Click here, pick your country and then choose a “Wholesale Customer”.
  3. Fill out your info, then pick your kit & check out!
    If you just want to buy a few oils, choose the Intro Packet ($35) and then type the oils you want into the search bar to add them to your cart.
    This going to give you a wholesale account with anytime access to the wholesale pricing (with no minimum order and no ongoing commitment!).
  4. Within a  day you'll get a welcome email from me, along with a free e-course that teaches you how to use your oils so you get the most out of your kit! You'll also get invited to our free Facebook group where you'll be able to talk oils with other enthusiasts.

How does a doTERRA biz work?

Sign up to get exclusive access to the upcoming webinar about how you can get your oils for free or replace your salary. You'll get a behind-the-scenes look at my second business and next steps to create a new income stream

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