Lifelong Vitality product info:

Ready to try LLV? You can get it for free! 

If you join in September, you'll get a free pack when you place an order in October! This is a super-rare promo, so be sure you jump on it in the next week. 
To find out more, email me:

Already a member?
If you joined doTerra in August or September, you're going to get the LLV for FREE! To get it, just place a 100PV LRP order, scheduled by the end of the next month. (If you joined in August, your LRP needs to be scheduled by Sept 30. If you joined in Sept, by Oct 31.)

Here's a video on setting up your LRP (or ask the friend who enrolled you!). To make sure you get your free LLV, your order needs to come to a total of 100PV (it'll be right there by the price!)

Been around longer than August? Go on and add LLV to your next LRP order! 


How to get started

If a friend sent you here, message that friend that you wanna get some oils and free LLV!

If I (Tara) invited you here, follow these instructions: 

  1. If you have ANY questions, just shoot me an email: and we can talk about if oils are right for you! 
  2. If you're ready to buy: decide on which kit you want (I recommend the Home Essentials Kit, as it has the 10 basic oils everyone needs in their home and you get a diffuser and save $86!). You can see all the kits in this PDF. 
  3. Click here, pick your country and then choose a “Wholesale Customer”.
  4. Fill out your info, then pick your kit & check out!
    This going to give you a wholesale account with anytime access to the wholesale pricing (with no minimum order and no ongoing commitment!).
  5. We'll hop on the phone when your oils arrive and talk about how you can use them daily and how to get the free LLV in your very next order! 
  6. Within a few days you'll get a welcome email from me, along with a free e-course that teaches you how to use your oils so you get the most out of your kit! You'll also get invited to our free Facebook group where you'll be able to talk oils with other enthusiasts. 


Got a question? email me: