Episode 1: Welcome to the first episode!

Welcome to the first episode of Essential Enthusiasm! 

In this first episode I wanted to tell you a little more about myself and what you can expect from the podcast.  This podcast is for anyone, from the beginner, to the oil-obsessed, to those of you who are building a business with doTERRA essential oils. 

We'll have new episodes every Thursday, both in audio format, which you can listen to from iTunes or whatever app you use for podcasts and in video format, which you'll find on my YouTube channel under "Essential Enthusiasm". You can also watch and listen at anytime on here on the site - that's where are the links we mention in each episode will be. You can subscribe to get the podcast episodes in your inbox, so you never miss an episode, in the form below. 

I'm Tara Swiger, the Gold leader of the Essential Enthusiasm team, but the podcast isn't just me. You'll also hear from my team members and friends: Mieko is an actress and dancer in Los Angeles, Brittany, who is a postpartem nurse and herbal tea maker in Pennsylvania, and Joeli Kelly, a business and mindset coach for creative entrepreneurs in Manchester, England. We'll each be contributing a workshop or episode every month! 

I have been full-time in my own business since 2009 - I help makers and artists build sustainable businesses and become their own best biz expert. Since April 2017, I'm also helping essential oil enthusiasts do the same - building sustainable, thriving businesses and learning to trust themselves. I have another podcast, Explore Your Enthusiasm, which is in it's third year, and if you're a maker, artist or designer, you wanna check that podcast out - it's 100%  focused on the skillz you need for a successful business. I'll also be sharing business lessons here, in between talking about emotional health, essential oils, and creating a great day. 

We wanted to create the kind of podcast we couldn't find - one that came out EVERY week, consistently, and one that combined tips for actually USING your oils with help building your business, along with the actual workshops we teach - if you're just a user, you'll learn something, and if you're a builder, you'll have some examples of what you can do in your own workshops! 

If you haven't started with essential oils yet, head to the Start Here page! 

We want to create the podcast YOU want, so we'd love to hear from you! Tell us what you're looking for in an essential oil podcast by commenting on our Instagram account (@essentialenthusiasm) or by posting a photo and using the hashtag #essentialenthusiasm

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