Why did I start a new business? 

Join me and  my mentor and friend (and million-dollar-biz-creator) Leonie Dawson, to see behind-the-scenes of our collaborative business! We discuss why we did this, how we work together, and how to get personal mentoring. 


Want to learn more and get personal mentoring?

Start with the oils! 

To start,  to click here, click “join”, pick your country and then choose a “Wellness Advocate”.

This going to give you a wholesale account with anytime access to the wholesale pricing (with no minimum order and no ongoing commitment!). If you want to build a business you gotta start there.
Now, if you don't want to build an EO biz, that's cool, you can still buy your oils wholesale, following the exact same steps! 

A wholesale account is like a Sam's Club card – it's $35 and then gives you wholesale pricing. You can literally start your business with the $35 + a $20 oil. No need to buy more.

But! The key to any business is being knowledgeable about the product and having some oils to share! So I heartily recommend you start with a kit. And when you do? The $35 fee is waived.

The kits I recommend: 

Diamond or Oil Sharing Kit


    If you start with one of these kits, you'll also get:

    •  2 biz-launch sessions with me
    • Modern Essentials (the bible of essential oil usage and research!)

    Click here to get started


    Want to just get started for you and your family? 

    Get the Home Essentials Kit for $275



    No matter which kit you pick, you'll also get: 

    • Access to our private oil-users community (ask questions, get recipe ideas, and have a lot of goofy fun!)
    • 6 part e-course on how to use your oils
    • 30 minute call with your oil-guide  on how best to use your oils for your own priorities, and how to use your account

    If you wanna build a biz, you'll also get: 

    • All of the above, for both you AND your customers (yep, we provide customer care for everyone you share oils with!)
    • Access to our business mastermind, with weekly live lessons and Q+As with me
    • 30 day e-course (written by Leonie and I) to walk you through each step of building your business